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This winter was one of the warmest winters I can remember, but it also seems to have been one of the gloomiest I can remember. I chose not to go south so I would have more down time and catch up on some things. Bad choice! Anyhow, if your reading this, you survived along with […]

Piano, Pests, and Peony

I was fortunate to go to the final night of the Gilmore festival. How amazing that we, little Kalamazoo, can attract such amazing talent! The perfectly synchronized music reminds me of the garden. Whether completely natural, or contrived by a man-made design, nature is like a wonderful musical score with punctuations of drama. Currently, we’re at […]

Black Gold

A couple years ago I tried to persuade my maintenance clients to keep the leaves in their garden beds in lieu of mulching. Well you can probably guess how this went. Not. Not at all. I couldn’t even convince my “granola”, college professor, clients to try it. So, I tried it myself. It’s been quite […]

Happy 2016

With 2016 in full swing, we want to reach out to you and let you know what we are doing behind the scenes to make sure we are providing the best service and care to our clients and their needs. 3 Employees have had additional State of MI training and certification for pest control. We’ve been researching […]

Edibles in the Garden

Happy Holidays and everything else I may have missed in the last 8 months!! I am not good at keeping this blog up to date, to say the least! Life seems to be a racing by, with never a dull moment. More and more I am thankful for the good health for myself and my […]

What is winter burn?

Here we are well into our spring and I am amazed at the wreckage that this past winter has left behind. I’ve never experienced such a wide array of damage. Winter burn on evergreens, die back on tender plants, deer damage, crushed and broken limbs, and even patches of dead lawn. It seems that every […]

One of the coldest winters in 20 years

This has been one of the coldest winters in 20 years and it isn’t over yet. Most damage from the “Polar Vortex” cold outbreak won’t be apparent until spring. Michigan State University Extension advises to watch for symptoms including branch die-back, failure to break bud, and even plant death. In some cases, landscapers or homeowners […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Today we are digging out from last night’s dumping. Those of you who are lucky enough to be down south, count your blessings! I should have been smart like you and headed south as well. Yet, it’s much easier to stay focused on work when you are snowed in. I have a […]

Ecosystem Friendly

Besides being beautiful, I would also like our gardens to be “green”, or Ecosystem friendly. Ecosystem gardening is basically conserving natural resources and creating a natural habitat for wildlife in your garden. In theory, this sounds great. But how to do this, and still remain affordable, is the question. There are 5 main principles to […]

Gourds, Pumpkins and Berries

I was able to get the Gourds, Pumpkins and Berries added to a few containers this week. Along with the dried grasses and cabbage, this should get the containers well into November. I’ve even seen them hold up until early December. Mums, Fountain Grass, Cabbage, Kale, Potato Vine, and Bittersweet Mums & Squash