I was fortunate to go to the final night of the Gilmore festival. How amazing that we, little Kalamazoo, can attract such amazing talent! The perfectly synchronized music reminds me of the garden. Whether completely natural, or contrived by a man-made design, nature is like a wonderful musical score with punctuations of drama. Currently, we’re at the ending of our spring drama. After this, we go into the quiet months of summer, with splashes of color here and there. May is a bit of an in-between time, with the spring drama behind us, and waiting for the opening of the summer colors. One of my favorites for added May color is Peonies. There are so many new colors, it’s fun to add a few in the garden. Peony, Iris, and Poppies are one of my favorite combinations.

Also emerging fully now are our Hosta & other deer edibles. For many of us, with Hosta & other treats, comes deer. They have become more and more of a nuisance in the suburbs. I met a tree grower this past January, at a landscape show in Lansing, that told me about a very effective organic deer repellent, called Plantskydd. Here’s a link for more information. Plantskydd

Unlike other repellents, Plantskydd works long-term. There’s a vegetable oil binder that sticks to plants, even under severe snow/rainfall conditions: up to 6 months over winter, 3-4 months in summer. I’ve heard it does smell, contrary to what the web site says. Apply on the lighter side, and wear gloves.

Also, a tip from Cathy, another client & avid gardener. She uses reflective ribbon from Wedel’s. Cut a length approx 2-3 feet long and tie it on bamboo stakes. Position the stakes about 3 feet apart.  The wind moves the ribbon and scares the deer away.

Happy gardening!