Happy Holidays and everything else I may have missed in the last 8 months!! I am not good at keeping this blog up to date, to say the least! Life seems to be a racing by, with never a dull moment. More and more I am thankful for the good health for myself and my family. My latest obsession has been eating healthy. I have become so sensitive to Poison Ivy over the last few years, that it’s actually made my whole immune system go wacky. This past summer was especially bad. This has led me to search out alternatives to steroid treatments. I tried the popular Paleo diet. At first I felt super great, but after 2 weeks I began to feel light headed. Basically this diet helped balance out my blood sugars, but starved my body of other essential nutrients. After months of trial and error, I refined this to include 60% organic vegetables and fruits (Alkaline foods), and 40% healthy grains and fats (Acidic foods). I also bought a Vita Mixer to make it easy to eat this high maintenance diet. I love it (I even took it on vacation with me). There are a lot of other details, but I will leave that to the nutritionist’s websites. I have more energy and feel better than I have in months, and feel like I am finally back on track. And thankfully no steroids!

Now, how does this relate to what is happening in the garden you ask!? I want to encourage those of you who have sunny conditions to plug in a few fruits and vegetables. There are beautiful assortments of lettuces that can act as border plants. Cherry tomatoes and peppers are very easy to grow, and can be stuck in large pots with herbs. Blueberries can replace old shrubs. Strawberries can act as a ground cover. I could go on and on. We can guide you with what will grow in your space. We can add edibles to your existing beds, or add in a new vegetable bed. If you’re already on the maintenance plan, we can even weed it for you. If you need help, just let us know. We are happy to assist in healthy living!

By the way, I hired a new gal this year. Her name is Kristen Maple, and is married to our construction foreman, Steve Maple. She has a massive vegetable garden that feeds her whole family of 4 for the winter! She is very impressive. I hope you get a chance to meet her this year.

Healthy greens can be used as border plants in the landscape.

Chives make a great border plant, with raspberries tucked behind.

A small vegetable garden off the patio.

Raised beds in Mattawan garden